Yours Truly, Miss Creation

“Good looks, charm, a solid handshake—nothing of substance to build a true opinion of a guy’s character. She’d done that with Logan and it’d brought her only grief as her hopes lay scattered, unsatisfied. No. Vera took a deep breath and walked out the exhibition hall. There was no way she would let herself fall head-over-heels for another guy based on three superficial attributes. Anyways, she already had enough with one crush on her plate. Cale, she determined as she headed down to the Grand Hall, would most certainly have to remain a friend.”


Vera Hampton dreams of becoming a writer, but this summer what needs a good edit is her love life. Logan may be handsome and mysterious, but he’s just not into her. Or is he? And what about Cale, that hot new janitor who works with her at the museum? What role should he play?

With the help of her two best friends, Vera stitches together the threads of her summer romance and comes to realize that sometimes, love stories are best left to write themselves.

young adult  –  romantic comedy  –  200 pages  –  © 2014

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